Quick tune up

Quick tune up Originally uploaded by hannaimage Our bikes were starting to wear down, and we realized we really don’t know anything about bikes. A quick stop here taught us everything we needed to know, and they lubed up our gears and chains for free! My finger had also gotten infected from a metal shard… Read the rest »


Posted by mobile phone:Three Days. We think it has been three days since our last real update, but we aren’t completley sure. These past hundred or so miles have been some of the best, and some of the most trying ones so far. We last updated in Monterey, which was beautiful, but it has nothing… Read the rest »

We’re alive!

We’re alive! Originally uploaded by hannaimage First reliable cell service in 3 days. We just reentered civilization. We have been in the mountains near Big Sur for the past 100 miles. We will update tonight!

End of day 3

Posted by mobile phone:Day 3: After lunch at the seafood place there was a great deal of flat land and a strong headwind. We usually average a little above 15 mph but with the wind we were fighting to keep it above 10. We got to Monterey around 5:30 pm and took some time to… Read the rest »

Mid-day update

Posted by mobile phone:Mid-day update: We have stopped for lunch just outside the artichoke capitol of the world, Castroville, and had to treat ourselves to some deep fried artichoke hearts. A little while ago we passed through miles and miles of strawberry fields that had hundreds of mexican laborers toiling away in the sun. I… Read the rest »