Delayed Burning Man Wrap up

I did not post much about the experience in the desert because it is something that is very hard to explain in words. I decided to pass over it on the blog, and just talk about it to people I know. However, many people have been asking me about it, and I wrote this to… Read the rest »

On the bus to Burningman

On the bus to Burningman Originally uploaded by hannaimage So here is the crew on the bus to burningman. We are heading out and it the coolest bus I have ever seen. Hippy to the max. These are some cool people, some are a little quiet, but the others make up for it. More later!

The View

The View Originally uploaded by hannaimage This is the view out the window of the house I am staying in tonight in San Francisco. You know that really twisty road you always see pictures of? It is smack in the middle of it. How sweet is that?

The guy next to me

The guy next to me Originally uploaded by hannaimage Now posts about Burning man! This is the guy next to me. All he talks about is the girls who are on the bus and movies. But, we have been hitting it off and laughing pretty much the whole time and I just put my earplugs… Read the rest »