Self Selected News

I am starting to feel a problem, exacerbated by the election coverage, and I don’t know the solution… Unless you live in a state controlled society, you probably get news from self selected sources. TV, Twitter, blogs, Facebook — you choose the channel, source and content. This self selection leads towards a self-enforcing bias. How… Read the rest »

A convincing spam letter?

Around the holiday season many people ship packages, so this could conceivably get a lot of people. However, once you actually read the message, you realize that spammers should really learn to A) Speak English and B) Proofread.

Design Gripe

Every now and then I come across something that was designed with a flaw. In my hotel room this weekend it was the Heater / AC unit. The unit was extremely difficult to get set to the right temperature, and we had to fiddle with it all the time.  This looks fairly typical right? Alas, it is flawed: “Cool” shows up… Read the rest »