Useful things from 2018

A short list of things I have found useful over the course of the past year. Honda e2000 Generator: This very quiet generator can power my woodworking tools in the woods, run lights and sound equipment at the camps I produce, and is a backup for my fridge at home. It won’t run all… Read the rest »

Keeping your sanity with Mute Filters

I still use RSS to pull information from the internet to my eyes. It is the most efficient way of gathering information from multiple sources without having to manually dig, and it avoids the brain killing viral balloons from Facebook and the like. However, there is one endless source of “news” that I am done… Read the rest »

I got a robot to clean my floors

Mandy and I are notoriously bad about sweeping up our floors. Our dog sheds like crazy and this leads to little dustbunnies building up in all of the corners. We had resigned ourselves to living with it until I started seriously looking at Roomba robots.  The newest versions have rubber rollers that do not allow… Read the rest »