Revamp Progress

So close to being done with this revamp of the blog. Can’t get it to work quite right in Internet Explorer, so go ahead and download Firefox. It is better anyway. I worked on it during the day, when all you guys were asleep, but now it is late here, and mid-day there, so I… Read the rest »

Kyle Fleischmann is Missing.

Hey guys, I know there are not a lot of you, but I am helping to put the word out anyway I can. My buddy and fraternity brother, Kyle Fleischmann, is missing. He was last seen Friday night, and more details and photos can be found here:

Mmm… Finally.

Korean food is notoriously light on meat. It consists primarily of vegetables, spices, and rice. If you know me, you know that I am definitely a carnivore. It has been weeks since I grilled out, and had I known I wouldn’t have my fill here, I would have overloaded before I came. I have been… Read the rest »

3 more years of school? Think about it.

Damn you LSAT. I just got my score back and did well enough that I now have to consider law school. That means dealing with the whole application process, deciding if I even want to work that hard for that profession, allocating six years of my life to 12-hour days… I had forgotten that there… Read the rest »

New way to look at photos

Ok guys, I just implemented a new way to view my photos. I think that it looks much cleaner, but it seams to be slower, so I am debating going back to the old way. This one will be easier for me to upload from while I am abroad, so I may just stick with… Read the rest »

A few good books

Posted by mobile phone:I have been reading more now that I am home and have some downtime. I recently finished Jon Krakauer’s “Under the Banner of Heaven” and Laurence Gonzales’ “Deep Survival.” Both were very interesting reads, and both were written by journalists, who happen to be my favorite type of author. Krakauer’s book was… Read the rest »

Big Cedar Dirtbike Course

Big Cedar Dirtbike Course Originally uploaded by hannaimage I stopped by the Big Cedar Dirt bike Course outside of Auburn on my way home and spent an hour or so there taking pictures and wandering around it, trying to avoid getting hit. It had been a while since I used my camera, and I wanted… Read the rest »