The importance of gatherings

Last weekend we held the third occurrence of “The Great Waffle Off.” Over 30 people showed up to our house for an afternoon of waffle goodness with baking, drinks, a backyard fire and plenty of post-waffle-coma conversations.     We also host regular “Bonfire Movie Night Potlucks,” featuring trilogies and classic cult movies like Star… Read the rest »

Interview Candidates

If you know someone you think would be a good candidate, please get in touch. I generally think the best candidates are small business leaders who are doing an excellent job of growing their organization, but are not currently getting a great deal of press.

WorkShop Winter Clean

I generally live with a decent amount of chaos, and am not fastidious about being neat and organized in my physical life. Digitally, I like things trackable, with in reach at a thought, and where they belong. However, there is a certain satisfaction that I get from taking chaos and transforming it into order that only… Read the rest »

Back Home

Coming home after a 3 month / 11,000 mile road trip is somewhat of an adjustment. No longer do I need to spend any time planning where I will be next, or how I need to get there. No longer is finding a place to camp how I end every day. After a week of… Read the rest »

Autodidactic Learning

I have recently been asked my opinion on returning to school by a few friends. We are all in our late 20’s, and it is a transformative time. The pervasive feeling seems to be either to commit to your current career, or make a shift, now by going back to school for some more education…. Read the rest »

Cafe Culture

The social role of cafes in 2013 – 2014 I went to a cafe this morning to get some work done and change up my work environment. It always helps me zone in and focus. I am able to set an “Until my battery dies, I will work on this one project” time frame. Today,… Read the rest »

$1 Oysters in San Francisco and the East Bay

I love raw oysters on the half shell. I grew up eating gulf coast oysters by the bucket full with my grandfather, and have loved them ever since. They can be expensive, but they don’t have to be!
I put together this list of where to get $1 oysters in San Francisco and the East Bay no matter what night of the week it is – I hope it is helpful.