Bring Paper Back

What is the half-life of a tweet? Minutes? Hours? Days? So many of you are creative people, passionate people, people with a voice — a voice that should last longer than a status update, a blog post, or a tweet. Let’s bring Paper Back. — I will publish your work. Is there something you have… Read the rest »

The Making of a Summer Camp

We have been hard at work creating the first session of Camp Grounded, the Summer Camp for Adults, and wanted to share a little of the process with you! Checking out the Camp in our site visit: Getting ready to mail out the Camp Packets Setting up workshops villages, etc… And we are not done… Read the rest »


Tonight, my puppy did not pee on the floor at puppy class. She can sit, lie down, stand, and sometimes, she will stay. A week ago Mandy and I got a puppy. A 10 week old border collie something mix. We are not sure what else she is, but she is cute. She is also… Read the rest »

Camp Grounded – Summer Camp for Adults

Let me introduce you to my latest project. I am working with The Digital Detox to bring you: Where grown-ups go to unplug, getaway and be kids again. 200 lucky campers will take over this nostalgic 1970’s boy scouts camp to celebrate what it means to be alive. Trade in your computer, cell phone, Instagrams,… Read the rest »

C&B’s Old Fashioned Quinine Tonic

Friends who make things Erin and Steph make their own Quinine tonic — it is delicious. I helped them with their packaging. I think it turned out pretty well! Want some Quinine tonic of your own? Give me a shout. They are now selling it in San Francisco! Small batches, made with care to order…. Read the rest »

Share with your tribe

Long ago it was prudent to share where good food, dangerous animals, and adequate shelter could be found with other members of your tribe. The more your tribe shared, the faster it learned. Tribe: a distinctive close-knit group How much of the digital content you consume comes to you by way of social media? Facebook,… Read the rest »