Today I woke up with an open mind. I have literally endless opportunities ahead of me. Should I set up a new workstation in my woodshop, read a book, or go for a hike? Should I rent a chainsaw and turn some felled trees in my backyard into chairs, or cut the grass? Should I… Read the rest »

AppGratis “Free” apps may be gamed

Apps are marketed as going from paid to free, a little research showed that this is sometimes a contrived marketing ploy. Apps that were free switch to paid for a short time before they are featured, so that  they can say they dropped in price. App Rankings for appHiFi Dock Enhancer – note the price INCREASE… Read the rest »

Shaking it up

After almost five years, I will be leaving Couchsurfing. In August of 2007 I started an incredible, and what some called crazy journey. That journey is continuing at the end of the month, but on a different path. That summer of 2007, I turned down a management position at BB&T bank in Washington DC. I… Read the rest »

Rafting the Grand Canyon

In a few days I leave to go raft the Grand Canyon. My brother and I and some friends are going to be on the water for 18 days with no guide! That is the longest I have ever been on an extended outdoors trip for, and I am very excited about it. We put… Read the rest »

This is a gross misuse of “add on fees”

My bill for Internet this month: Simple – huh? Time warner is getting sued for their modem rental fees – maybe sonic is over stepping here a bit.   Fusion Broadband – Single Line – 39.95 39.95 Fusion Broadband Information – 0.00 0.00 Data $19.97 Voice $19.98 Voice Federal Subscriber Line Charge Fee 6.50 6.50… Read the rest »

Amazing Things

I am a huge fan of transportable boats. I own an Advanced Elements inflatable Kayak already, but this looks like it could give it a run for its money:   The Oro Folding kayak folds up into a case and is only 25 pounds.   More at:

Life Hobbies: Reading

I read. A lot. I used to read more books, now I read more articles online, with about a book a week thrown in there. When I was in second grade, I really started getting into it. My teacher, Mrs. Greene, encouraged it. After I finished all the book in the second grade classroom, I… Read the rest »

Life Hobbies: Magic Tricks

My introduction to magic The first trick I remember seeing was a little wierd. My grandpa, Papa, used to take my brother and I to Waffle House. While there, he would casually hold a knife in his hand, facing up, then act like he fell asleep… ON TO THE KNIFE! White liquid would spill out… Read the rest »