Mission: Mount Everest

I leave for Nepal in an hour. I will be out of contact for at least two weeks, if not more, and to tell the truth – it makes me happy. I have spend way to much time on this damn computer over the past few months of travel. So I will finally be free! Free from updates, free from uploading photos, free from electricity, roads, smog, noise, heat and everything else.

I really don’t want you guys to stop reading the blog though, so please sign up in the box to the right so you will get an email when I get back and update. The trip isn’t over by a long shot. I should have a ton of pictures to upload when I get back, and I just bought a lot of new photo gear and can’t wait to use it. Also, be sure to comment on the contest post if you would like the chance to win a full color book of photos from my trip.

To keep you busy, here are some links to sites I read:

Zach Morris

My buddy Zach started in South America, and is now in Isreal, Egypt, Jordan, and the middle east. He has been keeping an incredibly detailed blog, and I think he is a more interesting writer than I am. (Maybe that is because I am not doing what he is… so it actually seems new!)


Rob Zwick

I met Rob in Bangkok, then stayed with him for a week in Laos. He is a great photographer, and has a lot of his stuff online. He posts half in German, half in English, but you can translate the page for a quirky interpretation.


Kevin Kelly

Kevin is the Editor at Large of Wired Magazine, and a brilliant man. Whether he knows it or not, he is one of the reasons I am on this trip. He also introduced my father and me to Burning Man. His site is full of interesting commentary on modern life, technology, and where the world is headed. Check out the Technium while you are there.



Great constantly updated travel site that I use quite often.



Increase your productivity in interesting ways.


With that, I bid you adieu until I return from Sagarmatha. (Nepalese word for Everest, meaning “Goddess of the Sky”.)