Useful things from 2018


A short list of things I have found useful over the course of the past year.

Honda e2000 Generator:
This very quiet generator can power my woodworking tools in the woods, run lights and sound equipment at the camps I produce, and is a backup for my fridge at home. It won’t run all high load appliances (pressure washer, large saws, etc) but is a good backup.

Fake Spot:
Is that Amazon product’s reviews fake or not? Many are paid reviews these days, and you never know if the product is actually good. This site will help you figure out what you are really getting.

My go to task manager, syncs across all screens and gives me intuitive ways to manage my multiple todo lists.

Airtable is best tool for running all aspects of my business. It is an easy to manipulate database that can do all sorts of things. I use it to manage our clients, staff, offerings, etc. I use the API to display public data on our website so that anyone on our team can edit it quickly.

My default email client now. It has email scheduling, reminders, undo, calendars, and tracking. I can see when people read emails, download attachments, and click links. Keyboard shortcuts are the same as gmail, and I have all my mail addresses at once.

Dark Reader: Chrome Store Link
This Chrome extension turns the web dark to match Mac Mojave’s dark mode. I prefer dark backgrounds to white ones as they are easier on my eyes.

Express VPN:
Protect your self on open networks, and never torrent without it!

If you are not using a password manager at this point, then you are probably at risk of being hacked. I like this one as it integrates well into everything (mobile, web, etc)

Ring Doorbell:
This doorbell has been super useful, as my office is in the basement and Mandy’s studio is out back. We won’t hear a normal doorbell. This lets me know if I need to get a package off the porch.

I usually find a few fun things a month, and will try to post more often with the ones that end up sticking around.