New Panorama

Just posted a new Panorama of Ha Long Bay, and a new group of photos on flickr called Panorama. (you can see it on my photo album page as well)

Photos have been updated

I added a selection of recent photos to flickr. You can see them in the photos page or in the photo albums page. I still advise that you try Pic Lens… I am having a ton of fun playing around with it. These photos are from Ha Long Bay and Hanoi, Vietnam. Cat Ba Island… Read the rest »

Second Impressions

I have to say that for all of the bad experiences I have had in Hanoi, I am actually liking it a lot right now. The city is vibrant and full of life, the Old Quarter where I am staying is chaotic and impossible to find your way around, so I end up taking a… Read the rest »

Overcharging and Ha Long Bay

I have not felt this disillusioned by travel since I left Atlanta. Vietnam, while beautiful, is full of obnoxious, money hungry people who have no shame when it comes to over charging foreigners. When asked how much something costs, a can of Coke for example, they pull a number out of their ass and look… Read the rest »

First Impressions of Hanoi

I skipped out on Hue because it just seemed like another city full of temples and ruins…which were interesting a few months ago, but have ceased to amaze me. After Angkor, nothing can compare. So I stayed on the bus as it was going to Hanoi, and I wanted to get there to see Halong… Read the rest »

Moving quickly in Vietnam

When I realized that I would be coming home on April 18th after all, I began to move very quickly. I am now halfway up the coast of Vietnam, and the trip has been amazing. The coastline is dramatic, with grand sweeping views that go on for miles. The coast line is rimmed with huts,… Read the rest »

Fish Sauce and Sand Dunes

I always forget how much I like moving quickly through a region. I don’t get quite the same involvement with the locals as I would if I moved slowly, but because I am stepping from one place to another with relative speed, I get to take in the country as a whole, not a series… Read the rest »

Vietnam and the Cu Chi Tunnels

I have so much to update  everyone on. I am now in Saigon, also called Ho Chi Min City. I am currently typing on my laptop, which is now home to an ant colony that lives just under the keyboard and gets pissed off whenever I type and they try to go for my fingers…. Read the rest »