Google storybook about the Internet, for adults

Google has put together a great storybook about what the internet is, how it works together and how web design has changed over time. Take a look at it if you have even a fledgling interest in web practice! (Image copyright of Google)

Turn off PayPal Information sharing

PayPal is a great service, leading the charge towards a digital currency that skips over borders. Unfortunately, they too have fallen towards the sentiment that your private information shoudl be public by default to further “advertising and marketing.” This is enabled by default. I had to read halfway down through a muti-page email they sent me today before… Read the rest »

Jailbroken App marketplace and Customer Service

I jailbreak my iPhone religiously. I love what it allows me to do, and now that there is a legitimate marketplace for jailbroken apps (yes, these do now cost money) there are services that manage them – and they have CUSTOMER SERVICE! One of these is Rock Your Phone ( Several months ago i purchased… Read the rest »

The End of Location Dependant Life

Every day I speak / chat / work with many of my colleagues and friends. Normal, right? Kinda… My housemates here in Istanbul are from the US, Germany, Spain, Brazil, and Mexico. The people who work for me on my team are multinational as well – a woman from Poland who is currently living in… Read the rest »

The Need to Know

We have entered a new era of need. One that depends upon being connected. Connected to the most recent, relevant information, connected to to energy, and most importantly, connected to other people. Humans have an obvious baser desire to be connected to other people. This is evident in the trend of urban growth, online social… Read the rest »

What’s your desktop look like?

In the mornings I tend to mess around in Photoshop and Illustrator following tutorials online and whatnot to get my brain flowing and to learn some new tricks. Today I messed around and finally organized my desktop. Click to see it full size. I don’t actually use icons on the desktop that often as I… Read the rest »

The Long Now Foundation Seminar

These happen every few weeks in San Francisco. In case you don’t know what the Long Now Foundation is, here is a brief summary from their website. The Long Now Foundation was established in 01996* to develop the Clock and Library projects, as well as to become the seed of a very long term cultural… Read the rest »