Crossing the country for the Eclipse

The first solar eclipse Mandy and I saw was in October of 2014. That one was a partial eclipse, but nobody seemed to care. We grabbed glasses from the Lawrence Hall of Science, and joined crowds in the Berkeley hills to watch it happen. Shadows went wild, and it was a fun afternoon. The first… Read the rest »

The lure of adventure

It is like the National Park Service has a little fairy telling them “You know what… Ben is a little disillusioned with the way things are right now. I bet you can get him if you send the following email:”

Saddleback caterpillar

I got stung by one of this little guys brothers while hiking on the AT this weekend. Hurt like helland I still have a raised red area where he hit me. The caterpillar will eventually turn into a moth and be non-poisonous, but in its caterpillar stage, it has the worst of the sitnging slug… Read the rest »