Beach life comes to an end

I know that this post has been forever in coming, but I have been “chillaxing” at the beach for quite some time. I have met a lot of really cool people, and have met up again with some of the people I got to know in Bangkok. This beach is a unique experience. When we… Read the rest »

Sunburned in Cambodia

I finally have time to write again. Quick re-cap: I left Phnom Penh a few days ago headed for the beach, and I have been traveling with a guy from Iceland for a little while now. Well, we made it to the beach with no problems, but when we went to find a place to… Read the rest »

Cambodia and the Beach

Sorry it has been so long, but the internet around here is less than excellent, and I have been moving around a good deal. I am about to get onto a bus that will take me to the southern beaches of Cambodia, where I will stay for maybe four days before coming back to Phnom… Read the rest »

Phnom Penh and the Killing fields

I woke up this morning at 6:30 am for some reason and could not fall back asleep. That being the case, I got out my Bill Bryson book and read for a while, before going down to the café at the bottom of the guesthouse and ordering breakfast. Cambodia is not as cheap as Laos,… Read the rest »

Cambodian Sunset

A lot has happened in the past day, and I will just quickly give you a rundown as I am trying to get this done before I take a moto-taxi around Phnom Penh for the day. I am going to see the Killing Fields, and S-21, along with some museums. So… I left my guesthouse… Read the rest »

Reason for non travel related posts

Simple, I have been sitting around, waiting for my small digital camera to be fixed… but they can’t fix it, so I am just going to have to keep using the big dSLR for everything and look like a tourist. Oh well. I head to Cambodia tomorrow. First, Phnom Phen, then to the temples of… Read the rest »