Sunburned in Cambodia

I finally have time to write again. Quick re-cap: I left Phnom Penh a few days ago headed for the beach, and I have been traveling with a guy from Iceland for a little while now.

Well, we made it to the beach with no problems, but when we went to find a place to stay, most of them were full. This beach is unique in that it has many places that offer free accommodation on the beach as long as you eat at least one meal a day there. We finally found a place and settled in. Within a few hours we had found a great group of people to hang out with, and have been doing things with them this whole time. Yesterday we went on a cruise out to a beach on an island for the day. Tomorrow we are renting a Hobi-cat for the night and going camping on a deserted island across the bay.

Unbeknownst to me before I arrived at this beach, but yesterday was Chinese New Year, and we welcomed in the Year of the Rat in style. This beach reminds me a lot of Myrtle Beach. It is crowded, full of trash, noisy, and still fun. The majority of people here are Cambodians who are on vacation. There was a brand new Escalade parked in front of my cheap bungalow this afternoon, and plenty of Mercedes and Lexuses. Everything has been shut down in town, and we have to wait until Monday to get our visas, but this beach is so noisy that we really want to leave it.

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At the beach during the Cruise
kid on camera
This kid who sat with us at dinner

Dinnermessing with the kid

D inner and the Kid again