Sunday Barbeque

I have felt extremely useless here since I arrived, because Pear has taken care of absolutely everything. We had a cook out on Sunday, where they invited some of their friends over for lunch / dinner and we grilled pork ribs, chicken and beef kabobs. I was looking forward to helping because it has been… Read the rest »

It has been a while

Sorry for not posting anything relevant for the past few days. I have been staying with Rob and Pear, his roommate, and their dog, Pebbles. Pear is Thai, and the manager of several restaurants right in downtown Vientiane, and she knows everyone, so we have been going out a lot and meeting people. She is… Read the rest »

Staying with Robert

Robert is the guy I met in Bangkok a month ago, and we hit it off. He lives in Vientiane, and we met up last night. He has an extra room in his house, so I moved my stuff over there and will stay for about two nights. The total rent for his house, which… Read the rest »

Visas and the German

After going to the Cambodian Embassy twice yesterday, I decided to give up and let my guesthouse take care of my visa for me. So I woke up at 8:00am and gave them my passport, some money, and filled out a few forms. I should be able to pick it up today at 4:30pm. I… Read the rest »

Vangvieng to Vientiane

This is a long one, so click through to see the pictures and the rest of the post. It was time to leave Vangvieng , even though it was a fun place, it functions much like a black hole. You get there, and simply don’t leave. I made sure to get up early (7:00) so… Read the rest »

Gear Update

Thought I would go ahead and give a report on how things are holding up again. It has been about three months, and some things have worn out a little, others I have lost etc… So far I have lost: 1 pair of cotton boxers, my travel pillow, my quick dry towel. Not so bad…. Read the rest »

Hanging around

I spent the first day here tubing the river again, and then the second one on a Motorbike, exploring caves, lagoons, and rural Laos life. I have been here before, so this time I went in some different directions, following an irrigation ditch, going to a different cave, etc… This place has not changed much,… Read the rest »

I am in Vangviang

Back here for the second time, and I am staying in the same room I stayed in before, so it was kind of like a homecoming. I went back to Pizza Falconi, and they were really exited to see me, and gave me hugs so it was really like a homecoming. I will probably stay… Read the rest »

This could be long

So I don’t know when the last real update was… but, some things have happened since then. I have really started to like Laung Prabang. I have met some amazing people. I am ready to leave Laung Prabang. First day I spend being lazy (what is new, right?) and I justified it by saying I… Read the rest »