Hanging around

I spent the first day here tubing the river again, and then the second one on a Motorbike, exploring caves, lagoons, and rural Laos life. I have been here before, so this time I went in some different directions, following an irrigation ditch, going to a different cave, etc… This place has not changed much, but it is evident that it is experiencing growth like the rest of the country. I am staying in the same place I stayed a month ago, and already I can tell that the family is much better off. This has been one of the biggest (if not the biggest) tourism season Laos has ever seen. The family is dressed better, has new motorbikes to offer, and seems happier than last time I was here. There are new buildings under construction all over this place, which is proof that it is doing well. I sat and watched the sunset yesterday, as well as the constant stream of people who were coming off of the river on tubes. I would say that about 25 percent of the town’s tourist population takes a trip down the river every day. It is a pretty big event.

I have been trying to put some pictures up, but the Internet here is giving me no end of problems. I will post some when I am able.