What’s your desktop look like?

In the mornings I tend to mess around in Photoshop and Illustrator following tutorials online and whatnot to get my brain flowing and to learn some new tricks. Today I messed around and finally organized my desktop. Click to see it full size. I don’t actually use icons on the desktop that often as I… Read the rest »


Gore tex is coming out with some fancy new clothing soon. They finally figured out how to line their products without making it feel like you are opening a candy bar in class but trying to keep it quite. (I always feel like my jacket is made of paper or something.) From Gizmodo: Gore-Tex’s most… Read the rest »

REI Sale | Going on until Sunday

You might know it already, but almost all of the gear I took on my trip was from REI. I was happy with almost everything I had with me, and the few products that wore out over the six months I used them were replaced or refunded (with cash) by REI with no questions asked…. Read the rest »

Can we say really cool?

This is something that I came across today, and instantly decided I need it. Not right now of course, but within a day or two of getting home.The SD card works like a normal SD card, only it has Wi-fi built in. It can automatically upload photos from any camera that uses SD to your… Read the rest »

Gear Update

Thought I would go ahead and give a report on how things are holding up again. It has been about three months, and some things have worn out a little, others I have lost etc… So far I have lost: 1 pair of cotton boxers, my travel pillow, my quick dry towel. Not so bad…. Read the rest »

Revamp Progress

So close to being done with this revamp of the blog. Can’t get it to work quite right in Internet Explorer, so go ahead and download Firefox. It is better anyway. I worked on it during the day, when all you guys were asleep, but now it is late here, and mid-day there, so I… Read the rest »

Gear Review

I am on another train ride, which means it is time for a GEAR REVIEW! (Applause – cheers – the crows goes wild…) Heh, I know. Just thought I would talk a little about how my gear is holding up, what I find useful, what sucks, etc… This is not all encompassing, just a few… Read the rest »