Hitching the South Island (part1)

Hitching the South Island Mandy and I took the ferry across early on sunday morning with Jim and Casey Ann who were on their way to Queenstown to look for a place to set up for the next month and a half. The ride over was beautiful and the three hour boat ride went by… Read the rest »

The Overlander

Im on the Overlander train from Auckland to Wellington. It is an idyllic trip that will take me all day. A flight would have coast about the same and taken only an hour and a half, but that would have been a sorry way to see this country. Trains always put me in a contemplative… Read the rest »

New Zealand

Every time I move locations, it becomes less of a hassle. Packing took 2 hours (a little more if you count both trips to REI) and I fit it all in bags I can walk with for 30 minutes without problems. In the past I have had more bags that I alone can comfortably handle,… Read the rest »