Jason’s Wrap Up

Jason: Well after 12 days and over 450 miles covered the biking has officially concluded in LA. We could have pushed on through the city to complete an 80 mile day yesterday and then really pushed it today to make up the 150 we lacked to the border (HA!) but this felt like a good… Read the rest »

Last Campfire

Last Campfire Originally uploaded by hannaimage Last campfire. Hotdogs for dinner, and the day on the beach. We are in Los angeles county, and will get to santa monica tomorrow.

And again with the flat tires

And again with the flat tires Originally uploaded by hannaimage This time I had two spares, but they were short stem, and I need long stem.. When I bought them, I told the guy I needed long stem, and he gave me one long stem and one short stem. I didn’t even think to check… Read the rest »

Retro Song-of-the-day

Posted by mobile phone:Jason: its day, I don’t know but we have been at this for awhile. The past few days have been trying and slow goin due to unexpected issues. Today we will finally be putting in a full day’s ride of 50 miles. I know I haven’t been keeping up with the song… Read the rest »

Santa Barbara and on

Posted by mobile phone:This morning we woke up at 5:30 am and high tailed it out of our campsite. We made it to the bus with about 5 min to spare and were able to put our bikes on the bottom of the bus. An hour later we were in Santa Barbara. It was beautiful…. Read the rest »

Thanks for the comments!

Posted by mobile phone:Hey everyone, thanks for the comments you have made so far! We love hearing from you while we are on the road. If you want to comment, chime in, or just say hello – just register with your email and leave a note. We get every comment right to my phone!

On the bus

On the bus Originally uploaded by hannaimage It is not really cheating when wildfires close down the roads you are supposed to take… At least that is what we are telling ourselves. We are not to happy about being on the bus from Lompoc to Santa Barbara, but we don’t really have a choice. My… Read the rest »

Leaving Lompoc

Posted by mobile phone:If this post sounds pessimistic, it is because we are at our lowest of the low. We are in Lompoc, CA. And we are on the first bus out of here. This place is miserable. Riding down main street, a kid on a mountain bike jumped the curb and ran into my… Read the rest »