Retro Song-of-the-day

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Jason: its day, I don’t know but we have been at this for awhile. The past few days have been trying and slow goin due to unexpected issues. Today we will finally be putting in a full day’s ride of 50 miles. I know I haven’t been keeping up with the song of the day very well so I’m gonna retro song of the day things, if that even makes sense. In honor of two days ago, so now in memory of, when we were cruising through middle of nowhere towns with Spanish names, I was humming “Hotel California,” not the original though, the version from The Big Lebowski.

The song for yesterday would have been “New Shoes” by Paolo Nutini, inlight of Ben’s bike being fixed and us getting back on the road (although this song could have been for the numerous times we came across problems and then got back on track). I whole-heartedly regret not having a song in mind to honor Fred, our shorter friend of yesterday who was awesome. I also regret not getting a picture taken with him so you all could believe how unbelievable he was.

For today I’m breakin the rules again and making the whole Bob Marley “Legends” album the song(s) for today because we will be cruisin through beach town after beach town now and its just swell.