Leaving Lompoc

Posted by mobile phone:
If this post sounds pessimistic, it is because we are at our lowest of the low. We are in Lompoc, CA. And we are on the first bus out of here. This place is miserable. Riding down main street, a kid on a mountain bike jumped the curb and ran into my front tire, laying us both out in the middle of the road. I lost some skin on my elbow, got a rasberry on my hip and broke the hell out of my gear shift. I am stuck in one gear unless I manualy pull on the derailer cord. The kid was an idiot, because he claimed he didn’t see me, but he had been riding next to us (we were in the road, he was on he sidewalk) for at least half a mile. I let him know he was an idiot and spared no words, while bleeding from the elbow, and shaken from having traffic screech to a halt around us. Jason thought our trip was going to end because I was going to jail for assulting a minor, but I kept it verbal. The kid jumped back on his bike and sped off.

Anyway, because I can’t very well cross hills right now, and the forest fires have closed the highway we are supposed to take, pushing us to an additional 50 mile route, we are taking a bus to Santa Barbara where we will find out if this accident was a trip ender or if it can be fixed.