Cheese. Wonderful Cheese.


Have you ever sat down to an appetizer plate of good cheese and found that you completely ignored the rest of the room until all the delicious morsels had been disposed of? If so, you might be interested in some of the below:

Everything Niki Achitoff-Gray says in this article I agree with. If you like cheese, pay attention. She does a great run down of the simple things you are probably doing that take away from the enjoyment that is cheese.

10 Common Crimes Against Cheese You Don’t Have to Commit

Also of note, researchers find that cheese may stimulate the same area of the brain as drugs. Some experts think that cheese is so influential that they pertain to it as “dairy crack.“(Source)

Which Foods May Be Addictive? The Roles of Processing, Fat Content, and Glycemic Load


The bay area has some amazing dairy producers, and gifted cheesemakers. If you get a chance, visiting a cheese company is a fun experience. And, cheese is often paired with wine…

Check out this list from Cheese Trail ( )

Bohemian Creamery– Sebastopol (North Bay Area)

Bravo Farms Cheese – Fowler (Central Valley)

Cowgirl Creamery – Point Reyes (North Bay Area)

Epicurean Connection – Sonoma (North Bay Area)

Gioia Cheese – Los Angeles (Southern CA)

Harley Farms Goat Dairy – Pescadero (Central Coast)

Hilmar Cheese Company – Atwater (Central Valley)

Loleta Cheese Factory – North Coast (North Bay Area)

Marin French Cheese Company – Petaluma (North Bay Area)

Matos Cheese Factory – Santa Rosa (North Bay Area

Nicasio Valley Cheese Company – Nicasio (North Bay Area)

Oakdale Cheese – Oakdale (Central Valley)

Spring Hill Jersey Cheese Company (Petaluma Creamery) – Petaluma (North Bay Area)

Vella Cheese Company – Sonoma (North Bay Area)