Using AI with Obsidian to automate my todo list

I just built the following use case in under 20 minutes and am amazed this is possible!

I hate getting bills (medical, insurance, etc…) via paper mail, but it still happens. With Obsidian and File Explorer 200 plugin (FO2K), here is what i did:

  1. Take a photo of the bill and use the “Add to Obsidian” iOS shortcut to drop it in the FO2K Inbox.
  2. Set up a template in FO2K to parse the annotated document that FO2K creates from the image. Here is mine:

1) Add a first line to the document that says "This is a bill and should go in the bills folder."

2) Parse the content, and then add the following properties as inline dataview fields in the format of the example below. If any items are not present, state "N/A"

Sender:: (the company the bill is from)

Owed:: $100

Link:: [Click Here to Pay](PAYMENT URL From Content )

Account:: Account Number

Due:: Due Date

3) Include a task in the following format:


Where "TASK HERE" should be something like "Pay this ($amount) bill from...." and "LINK HERE" should be the link to the payment system in the task.

Then, make a final section for the original content

# Original Content

Keep all of the original content exactly as it is for this section for reference.

This means that FO2K will automatically look at the image, extract the content from it, rename it, then run the “Bills and Payment request” template on the extracted content. Because I insert folder instructions, it then automatically puts it in the Bills folder.

  1. In the bills folder I created a Bills Dashboard page with dataview lookup table that pulls all the inline dataview fields out. This creates an easy to use list of all the bills I need to deal with, with direct clickable links to the payment portals!
    Capto_Capture 2024-06-17_09-31-20_AM.png
  2. I also have it create a Task list that the Tasks plugin utilizes, so i get a nice list of all the bills to pay that I can check off when done.

All I do for this to self-create is just take photos of the bills and share it! Incredible!