Build your own King Size Bed Frame for less than $90

Looking to buy a king size bed frame? Ever consider building your own?

With just a circular saw and a drill, you can construct a sturdy, custom king size bed frame for your room. You can make it any height you want, and build in any head board design or foot board you like.

Some of the easiest to follow plans I have found are from You can download the plans, or an interactive sketch up model if you want to use that.

The materials are available from Home Depot for less than $90.

I have built a few of these for friends, and am pleased with how sturdy they are, and how quickly they come together. You can assemble the entire frame in an afternoon, and it is held together with dowels and glue. Screws attach side rails to the head and foot boards.

The bed frame disassembles to be a headboard, two side rails and the foot board, with a stack of slats. Not Ikea small, but you don’t want that particle board anyway.

I am looking to make another bed, and want to play with bolts instead of screws to hold the frame together for easier break down and set up. I also want to stain the frame.

If you are interested in a new bed (can be king, queen, or double) let me know. I can probably make you a wooden frame for less than you would buy one for.

In progress:
king size bed frame

Finished – Look at all that room underneath:
Bed(Photo thanks to Jim Stone!)

  • Jessica

    I am interested in building my own bed… I have a design but I’m not so handy… Nor do I have the time to take on a project right now. I want a very simple king size platform bed. A platform about 12-16in high with a trim/rail/border around it to keep the mattress from sliding too much. My husband is a large man, 450 pounds, so I would like something that can support a lot of weight and handle some *clears throat* ……. activity. Could you give me a rough estimate for materials & labor? Also, where are you located exactly? I would like to get an estimate on shipping, if needed.

  • Harold Trawick

    I’m disabled and 425 need a heavy duty frame can you help me?

  • Larysa

    Interested in getting a frame!