Istanbul Bound

  While I haven’t stopped traveling, my travel style has evolved. I now relocate about once every three to six months to a new continent and live in one location for that time. I get to know the city I am in very well, but at the same time, I am no longer part of… Read the rest »

Oh the Tico’s you’ll know.

Costa Rica is paradise. The people are fun, the location is beautiful, and life moves slowly. While we are not completely set up yet, I have Internet from the neighbors, and can function. I spend yesterday exploring the area, in and out of the small shops and tourist traps in town, and then we went… Read the rest »

A day in LA-la land.

Cab it to BART, fly to LA, get picked up by production assistant, meet with producers, shake hands with the boss, meet the tech team, get the YES we want you on the show, lets do it, please come back tomorrow for filming. Production assistant takes us to the CBS station where Heather’s friend Adam… Read the rest »

Alaska CSC Talent Show [Video]

Written by Kelly Patterson for   In case it is not clear by now, there is not much “nightlife” out here in Homer, Alaska, save for really bad costume karaoke, playing pool at a scrubby but charming pub, bonfires with Chubby Bunny contests, Scrabble, “Netflix Night”, and the hot tub. Therefore, we at the… Read the rest »