Oh the Tico’s you’ll know.

Costa Rica is paradise. The people are fun, the location is beautiful, and life moves slowly. While we are not completely set up yet, I have Internet from the neighbors, and can function. I spend yesterday exploring the area, in and out of the small shops and tourist traps in town, and then we went out last night.

We ate dinner at a nice little pizza / Italian place (all Tico style of course) then made our way up the hill to a bar that overlooks the entire town. The laid back atmosphere means that everything comes manana… including your drink.

We met some guys from Switzerland who were here surfing, and a guy who Susy had met before that taught English here. Turns out he is from South Carolina, went to USC, and is a KA. Small world huh?

Today I spent a few hours floating in the water with pelicans dive bombing for fish all around me. I think I could watch those birds all day every day. They hardly ever miss, and repeatedly hurtle themselves down under the water. So cool.

Weston and Cyril will be here tomorrow or Tuesday, then the real work begins. Also, some of my friends from college are planning a trip here to see me, which is great because I haven’t had any college or before friends come to where I am since I started traveling.

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