A day in LA-la land.

  • Cab it to BART, fly to LA, get picked up by production assistant, meet with producers, shake hands with the boss, meet the tech team, get the YES we want you on the show, lets do it, please come back tomorrow for filming.
  • Production assistant takes us to the CBS station where Heather’s friend Adam gives us a backstage tour of the filming of “The Bold and the Beautiful” (I know nothing about the show except that they are in fact beautiful) and we see the back set of “The Price is Right” (three new cars, a new wardrobe, etc…)
  • Bennett picks me up outside the gates of CBS and we head back to his place, where his roommate is filming a web series with some odd characters and a pretty girl from Texas. (Not that kind of series… ) We apparently make too much noise by simply existing so we wander off to get food and a drink.
  • Bennett is the only person I have talked to today who is not involved in the entertainment industry. He works at Dodgers’ stadium and gets us in late at night to see the city line from the best view in town. Crazy city.
  • Big news is, they are pitching the show and want me to be the guy!