The last days in Nepal

I know I have been brief the past week, but it is because I have been spending time just hanging out with this incredible group of people in the Basecamp Nepal Volunteer house. There were six of them to start off with, then we – being David the Couchsurfer from South Africa, Brandon from California,… Read the rest »

Bungee Jumping and Canyon Swinging

We finally got off our lazy bums and took the 5:30am wake up call to go bungee jumping. We walked to the bus, got on and fell asleep. Three hours later we were at “The Last Resort,” an adventure resort with bungee jumping, canyon swinging, rafting, repelling, and many other adventure touristy things. After some… Read the rest »

Random Luxury

After I got back from the bike ride, I stopped off at Arjun’s, and met up with David, a guy from south Africa who has just spent the last year teaching English in Korea. He moved out of Arjun’s and we ended up sharing a room for a night. While we were walking around looking… Read the rest »

Kathmandu to Pokara

I had a longer post that I was going to put up before I left, but my computer just hates me and I couldn’t get it to transfer to my USB drive.I left Kathmandu on a chopper style bike, which puts my feet out in front of me and I sit in a reclining position…. Read the rest »

Holi, The Festival of Color

Kathmandu has been a unique experience, simply because I had no plans after Everest. While I was in South East Asia, I decided to head to Everest, but failed to think about what I would do for the weeks I had in Nepal afterwards. I have spent the past week hanging out with the German… Read the rest »

Everest Base Camp Trek: Part 3

Everest Base Camp. The name seems monumental. The entire trek has been aiming at this goal. Seven days of putting one foot in front of the other, breathing air that cannot even support plant life, and looking at the peak of Mount Everest in the distance. Six nights of sub-zero temperatures, dirty clothes, and no… Read the rest »

Everest Base Camp Trek: Part 2

If you have not read Part 1 yet, you should probably do that first. That night, while we were bundled up around the stove in the old blankets all the lodges keep around, Chris came in telling us we needed to come outside right away to see something. The thought of leaving the warm room… Read the rest »

Everest Base Camp Trek: Part 1

So much to go over. This has been one of the longest periods of time that I have gone without updating… I think.  So I am back in Katmandu, seeing it for the first time really since I was only here for less than 12 hours the first time. Which is where the story begins…. Read the rest »