Bungee Jumping and Canyon Swinging

We finally got off our lazy bums and took the 5:30am wake up call to go bungee jumping. We walked to the bus, got on and fell asleep. Three hours later we were at “The Last Resort,” an adventure resort with bungee jumping, canyon swinging, rafting, repelling, and many other adventure touristy things.

After some initial confusion about payment, we were sat down and given a small presentation on how if we did anything wrong we would either become unable to reproduce, or we would face mortal peril. All five of us ended up in the same weight category (70kg to 100kg – I weigh in at just over 75kg, which I never knew) so we were all on the bridge together. This means no photos from jump one. I did the bungee jump, which was a lot of fun, and an incredible rush.

They asked us if we wanted to do a second jump for much cheaper, and we said sure, so three of us signed up to do the canyon swing. This is a 160 meter drop followed by a 180 km/h swing for a few seconds. I talked the guy into letting me hook in at the back so I could swing like super man. This was essentially a base jump with a cord instead of a parachute. When I jumped off, the cord hit my leg, and I freaked out in mid air, flailing around like a spasmatic animal. We got video of that, so check it out when I am finally able to upload it. The bungee was form perfect, and looked graceful, but they wanted $35 for the video of it, which isn’t cool.