Right now it is Songkran, the Thai new year. Also known as the Water Festival, it consists of drenching every person with buckets of water, nailing them with super soakers, or lobbing water baloons around. It is literally impossible to stay dry if you go outside. The tempurature here is brutally hot, so the water… Read the rest »

Busy day

Today was busy as hell. I got a hair cut, a shave, picked up my suits (which look really, really good, and I feel sorry for anyone who stands next to me when I wear them) and mailed a bunch of stuff home. I mailed four boxes out, one with my suits and my climbing… Read the rest »


What a stressful day. We had a big night last night, so I got a later start than I would have liked. I made it to the Chinese embassy, which was an hour away, at noon to find out that it closed at 11:30 am. There was a posted sign saying that as of four… Read the rest »

Visas, suits and cameras

So I am in Bangkok for a few days because the visas will take a while. India is a seven day visa process, and China is four. I may wait on India, because I don’t want to stay here that long. Today I have to pick up my suits and mail them home. Should be… Read the rest »

Border Towns

On the border between Laos and Thailand, about to cross over and pay my exit fine of 1000 baht ($33). I will be getting on a boat for the next two days, so we will see about updates…

Happy New Years!

Happy New Years everyone! We rang in the new year with style here in Pai, Thailand. Style, and Singha beer. The night was uproariously funny from the get go. From having candle wax sprayed all over me to the table bench collapsing under four of us, we we a walking accident all night long! The… Read the rest »


I arrived in Pai yesterday by way of minibus from Chiang Mai. I got in around 3 pm, and began my search for a place to stay. This city, which is really a small town of 3000, is packed with Thai tourists. It was the setting of a Thai romantic film in 2006 and since… Read the rest »

Tribute to Same Same Guest House

The guest house i stayed at has been awesome, it is cheap, fun and in a great location. I spent a week here, and helped Robert, the guy who owns it, set up Wi-Fi and get some advertising out on signs about it. He treated me to a few free meals as payment, which was… Read the rest »

Blog over-haul

Technorati Tags: Chaing Mai,work,travel I have spent a great deal of time over the past few days working online to update the back end of my blog, and to work on how it is displayed. I am not sure that this will be the final version, but for a while, it will work. I have… Read the rest »

Down time

I always find it interesting to spend a decent amount of time in a city when I am traveling. You get to know the local population, the local hangouts, even where the best prices can be found. Since I am currently spending a great deal of time in Chiang Mai, I have begun to learn… Read the rest »