Visas, suits and cameras

So I am in Bangkok for a few days because the visas will take a while. India is a seven day visa process, and China is four. I may wait on India, because I don’t want to stay here that long. Today I have to pick up my suits and mail them home. Should be some nice ones.

Yesterday I bought a new lens for my camera, an 18-200 mm with image stabilization. Pretty cool, and now I can get some good shots of people without being right up in their face. I also bought a small, pocket sized digital camera. It takes good video and is great for taking out when my big SLR would scare people. Let me rephrase that. It was good for those things. We went to the French embassy yesterday to see a movie at the cultural center there, and I dropped it. It broke. I hadn’t even had it for five hours. So I am taking it back today to see if they can give me a new one, or fix it… Hopefully it will work again, otherwise I just pissed $250 down the drain.

Night out with Mimi
Me, Mimi (Couchsurfer) her friend, and the two guys I met on the bus to Bangkok