Happy New Years!

Happy New Years everyone! We rang in the new year with style here in Pai, Thailand. Style, and Singha beer. The night was uproariously funny from the get go. From having candle wax sprayed all over me to the table bench collapsing under four of us, we we a walking accident all night long! The new year actually hit while we were dancing around a fire in an open air bar next to a river. There was a live reggae band counting down the time till the fireworks went off and hundreds of lanterns were lit up into the air. Floating lanterns are like little hot air balloons that are incredibly beautiful.

I am leaving here tomorrow to go to Laos again, and I have already overstayed my visa, so I will have to pay 1000 baht ($33) to leave Thailand, then $30 for my Laos visa. I will spend a few weeks in Laos, making my way slowly towards Cambodia.

(These pictures are from Bonnie’s camera, as I know better than to take mine to a New Year’s Party!)

Bonnie, Me, and Uri

Fire Show at the New Years Party