Down time

I always find it interesting to spend a decent amount of time in a city when I am traveling. You get to know the local population, the local hangouts, even where the best prices can be found. Since I am currently spending a great deal of time in Chiang Mai, I have begun to learn the area. First, when I had a motorcycle here, I learned my way around the town city at large. Now that I have stopped renting a motor bike everyday, I am beginning to learn my current “footprint” – the area I can comfortably cover on foot in an evening. I know that one book store has cheaper books than the other, and that the 7-11 on one corner has a better selection of junk food than the one down the street. I know that if I head this way I will find bars with pool tables and foreigners, and if I head the other way I will find local hangouts with Thais sitting around drinking Sang Sam, the local whisky.

In order to do the work I need to right now, I have helped the owner of this guesthouse make his place wireless. So now I can sit up on the balcony, editing my webpages all day and designing the new ones I am going to get paid for without having to wander to find internet.

ccl4Here is a sample of what I have been designing so far. The guy is starting a complete online site to talk about Foreigner – Thai relationships, which seem to flourish here. So… back to work!

Side note: I will be changing the layout of this site soon. it is getting old to me