It’s an Automotive Future

Some 12,000 hours ago Elon Musk announced that his company, Tesla, would
“not initiate patent lawsuits against anyone who, in good faith, must use our technology.”
Public interest in Tesla spiked, but not actually in electric cars in general. The Nissan Leaf and the Chevy Volt have not found widespread adoption. Charging stations are still the exception, not the rule.

The user as a Brand

Originally posted on Quora: I envision a situation where interface design will involove more conceptual work based on user personas. We currently use AB testing to find the best design for a particular goal, but it is becoming possible to track user trends across multiple sites thanks to the interconnectivity of the social graph. This would… Read the rest »

The End of Location Dependant Life

Every day I speak / chat / work with many of my colleagues and friends. Normal, right? Kinda… My housemates here in Istanbul are from the US, Germany, Spain, Brazil, and Mexico. The people who work for me on my team are multinational as well – a woman from Poland who is currently living in… Read the rest »

The Need to Know

We have entered a new era of need. One that depends upon being connected. Connected to the most recent, relevant information, connected to to energy, and most importantly, connected to other people. Humans have an obvious baser desire to be connected to other people. This is evident in the trend of urban growth, online social… Read the rest »

Istanbul Bound

  While I haven’t stopped traveling, my travel style has evolved. I now relocate about once every three to six months to a new continent and live in one location for that time. I get to know the city I am in very well, but at the same time, I am no longer part of… Read the rest »

A day in LA-la land.

Cab it to BART, fly to LA, get picked up by production assistant, meet with producers, shake hands with the boss, meet the tech team, get the YES we want you on the show, lets do it, please come back tomorrow for filming. Production assistant takes us to the CBS station where Heather’s friend Adam… Read the rest »

Holiday Blogapaloza

I made that word up, but I bet someone else has used it before me. A year ago at this time I was leaving an incredibly beautiful town in Thailand called Pai, headed to Laung Prabong, Laos on a slow boat. Now I am leaving Atlanta, GA and headed back out to San Francisco for… Read the rest »

One Year and Counting

I know I bust on the daily grind pretty often, but it was apparent to me early on that I was not built to fit into that mold. I can’t keep focused in a cubicle and I can’t sit still that long anyway. I need to see a change of scenery more often. Many of… Read the rest »