The End of Location Dependant Life

Every day I speak / chat / work with many of my colleagues and friends. Normal, right? Kinda… My housemates here in Istanbul are from the US, Germany, Spain, Brazil, and Mexico. The people who work for me on my team are multinational as well – a woman from Poland who is currently living in… Read the rest »

The Countdown Begins

This is the longest I have spent in one location since I graduated from Elon University in May of 2007 – a little over six months! (by five days). I arrived in San Francisco on the 13th of June, 2009 and will be leaving on the 18th of December, 2009. I fly to Atlanta for… Read the rest »

Istanbul Bound

  While I haven’t stopped traveling, my travel style has evolved. I now relocate about once every three to six months to a new continent and live in one location for that time. I get to know the city I am in very well, but at the same time, I am no longer part of… Read the rest »

A day in LA-la land.

Cab it to BART, fly to LA, get picked up by production assistant, meet with producers, shake hands with the boss, meet the tech team, get the YES we want you on the show, lets do it, please come back tomorrow for filming. Production assistant takes us to the CBS station where Heather’s friend Adam… Read the rest »

To The Grand Canyon

A few weeks ago my dad had a business meeting in Phoenix, AZ and was planning on flying out on a Wednesday, then flying back home on a Friday. I am not too far away in San Francisco, so I suggested we meet up and go to the Grand Canyon instead of him flying home…. Read the rest »

From Alaska to San Francisco

Okay, since my last real update I have driven 4,000 miles from Alaska to San Francisco, spent a week in the middle of the Nevada desert for Burning Man, set up a house for 15 people in Berkeley, joined a sailing co-op, and am now working for CouchSurfing, designing about six web sites, and finding… Read the rest »

Whitehorse, Canada

Jim and I are currently in Whitehorse, Canada, 946 miles from Homer, AK where we started. It is 1:00am here, and we are parked next to a little motel leaching their wifi. Both of us are typing blogs right now while we wait for the engine to cool off enough so we can change the… Read the rest »

Hitchhiking to Hope, AK

After two weeks of living, working, and spending my free time with the people here at the collective, I needed to take some time off. Part of the group here decided to go across the bay to clear some trails and camp out as a group of 12, but Walter and I decided to head… Read the rest »