Whitehorse, Canada

Jim and I are currently in Whitehorse, Canada, 946 miles from Homer, AK where we started. It is 1:00am here, and we are parked next to a little motel leaching their wifi. Both of us are typing blogs right now while we wait for the engine to cool off enough so we can change the oil. It hasn’t been changed in 17,000 miles! We started smelling a weird burning smell and decided that now was the time we should do this as opposed to after the engine locked up.

We have had no hold ups, and very little traffic. When we crossed into Canada, they didn’t stamp my passport! I didnt even think about it until after we pulled away, but I am kinda upset about it. Canada has been interesting. It looks a lot like Alaska, but the people speak just a little different. Still haven’t heard an “Eh” in its natural habitat, but I am anxiously awaiting the debut. We are going to power on through the night, alternating shifts and see if we cant make Vancouver soon.

We have been listening to comedy on the ipod, discussing the aspects of the collective, and generally mocking the great country of Canada because that is what you do when you come here. (No offense to any Canadian friends I may have – it is simply an ingrained thing I have had in me since childhood.)

That’s all for now, I am going to go change some oil in the rain.