Cost of Newspaper Subscriptions

My brother Matt asked why there is no useful comparison of the cost of newspaper subscriptions. Some Googling made it clear – this consumer comparison does not exist. So, I took a few minutes to knock one together. I think the real reason is most people are looking to get a specific paper, and are… Read the rest »

Self Selected News

I am starting to feel a problem, exacerbated by the election coverage, and I don’t know the solution… Unless you live in a state controlled society, you probably get news from self selected sources. TV, Twitter, blogs, Facebook — you choose the channel, source and content. This self selection leads towards a self-enforcing bias. How… Read the rest »

Snarky Machines

Snarky MAILER-DAEMON from my servers. Hi. This is the qmail-send program at I’m afraid I wasn’t able to deliver your message to the following addresses. This is a permanent error; I’ve given up. Sorry it didn’t work out.

iPad Stylus

Using your finger is the best way to interact with apps on the iPad, no doubt about it. But for drawing and creating sketches? The finger is sadly lacking. It blocks your view, is not accurate, and it can be tiring to use it as a pen all day. Enter the iPad Stylus. But, for… Read the rest »

Netflix Culture

What can you learn about employee freedom and values from a company that is known for promoting both? Culture View more presentations from Reed Hastings.

Remote Toolset

I work for and we are 100% remote with no central office. We have 30 full time contributors spread over 15 time zones in every contenant but Antartica and have been working this way for over a year. Our critical toolset consists of:  Basecamp: Project collaboration and task management. This has proven to be a valuable assest as… Read the rest »

The user as a Brand

Originally posted on Quora: I envision a situation where interface design will involove more conceptual work based on user personas. We currently use AB testing to find the best design for a particular goal, but it is becoming possible to track user trends across multiple sites thanks to the interconnectivity of the social graph. This would… Read the rest »

Web Forms

When I spend a few minutes filling out a long web form, I cringe every time I click Submit, because I know that I will have to correct something, it will time out, or there will be an error. Many times is is a format I did not know I needed to use (MM/DD/YYYY), or… Read the rest »