4 of the Most Useful iOS 6 Jailbreak Apps

The iOS 6 jailbreak is being created by the fellows of evad3rs (with MuscleNerd) and can be found at http://www.evasi0n.com/ I have a list of useful iOS 6 jailbreak apps for you to try.

There has not been an iOS jailbreak for quite some time, and this will the first one that allows people with an iPhone 4S to upgrade their operating system.

Useful iOS 6 Jailbreak apps and tools

Jailbreaking allows you to do a lot with your phone. Here are some of my favorite tweaks.
You can get these apps on cydia – the jailbroken app store after you jailbreak.

Swipe Selection

This Cydia install allows you to simply move your fingers over the keyboard, like they were arrow keys. No more damn magnifying glass. This is the best update to typing on an iPhone, and worth jailbreaking for alone.


This tweak allows you to change how the hardware buttons (Home, Volume, sleep and mute switch) behave, or to make custom touch interactions. Now when I want to launch my sound recorder, I just double tab the lock screen clock. Double pressing the sleep button brings up 1Password, so I don’t have to remember long passwords.


f.lux changes the color temperature of your screen depending on sunrise and sunset. This makes it easier on your eyes as it gets darker out. Because it changes to a more incandescent color – you do not get the “wake up” effect of staring at a screen.

3G Unrestrictor

Want to use facetime over 3G or LTE? This is your tool. It tricks any app into thinking 3G (or LTE) is actually wifi.

If you have any questions about jailbreaking or these useful iOS 6 Jailbreak apps – ask me! I am more than happy to walk you through it.