From Alaska to San Francisco

Okay, since my last real update I have driven 4,000 miles from Alaska to San Francisco, spent a week in the middle of the Nevada desert for Burning Man, set up a house for 15 people in Berkeley, joined a sailing co-op, and am now working for CouchSurfing, designing about six web sites, and finding… Read the rest »

Whitehorse, Canada

Jim and I are currently in Whitehorse, Canada, 946 miles from Homer, AK where we started. It is 1:00am here, and we are parked next to a little motel leaching their wifi. Both of us are typing blogs right now while we wait for the engine to cool off enough so we can change the… Read the rest »

Alaska CSC Talent Show [Video]

Written by Kelly Patterson for   In case it is not clear by now, there is not much “nightlife” out here in Homer, Alaska, save for really bad costume karaoke, playing pool at a scrubby but charming pub, bonfires with Chubby Bunny contests, Scrabble, “Netflix Night”, and the hot tub. Therefore, we at the… Read the rest »

Hitchhiking to Hope, AK

After two weeks of living, working, and spending my free time with the people here at the collective, I needed to take some time off. Part of the group here decided to go across the bay to clear some trails and camp out as a group of 12, but Walter and I decided to head… Read the rest »

Current Projects

Part of my job with couchsurfing is to write posts for the CouchSurfing collective blog. You can read the stuff I am posting there at Everything is going well here, and I found a way to make some cash as well. Once a week I am cutting a guy’s yard, and this morning Andrew… Read the rest »