The Egg Nog Review

Egg Nog, a drink now sold by every creamery in America from November to December, has a long and storied past. It is responsible for riots, was drank by English aristocracy, and was even used to fortify travelers before setting off.

The American travelers, before they pursued their journey, took a hearty draught each, according to custom, of egg-nog, a mixture composed of new milk, eggs, rum, and sugar, beat up together. (Isaac Weld, Junior, in his book Travels Through the States of North America and the Provinces of Upper and Lower Canada, during the years 1795, 1796, and 1797)

Egg Nog is a holiday tradition in my family, one that I have continued even with a lactose challenged wife. Since I no longer have anyone nearby to share my love of Egg Nog, I am writing down my feelings toward this drink as I consume it in the hopes that you might benefit.

The criteria:
TasteConsistency, and how well it mixes with booze.
All are on a (1-10) scale.

For consideration:
How (un)healthy it may or may not be. To get the full experience, I am drinking the entire quart of each type.
When drinking Egg Nog, health is something one must not dwell on.

Clover’s Organic Egg Nog

Taste: 8
Objectively, the taste is on point, but the consistency means that doesn’t matter.

Consistency: 3
Watery, thin, more like milk than true nog. Disturbing really.

With Bourbon: 4
The consistency gets even worse when you mix it with liquid. The booze flavor stands strong on its own and doesn’t blend.

Calories consumed: 1440

Clover’s Regular Egg Nog

Taste: 8
This is a good eggnog, taste is similar to their organic blend. Might be slightly on the sweet side for some.

Consistency: 8
Thick, creamy, lingers on your mustache.

With Booze: 8
Mixes well, doesn’t get too thin. Taste blends together in an appealing way.

Calories consumed: 1520

Humboldt Creamery Egg Nog

humboltTaste: 8
Slightly light on overall flavor, but not by much. I like the taste, and it goes down easy. This is a smaller dairy in northern California, they know how to do it.

Consistency: 9
The opposite of most nogs, this nog is light and fluffy – almost like sipping a cloud. Quite enjoyable.

With Booze: 8
Still great, stays fluffy.

Calories per quart: 1280

Berkeley Farms Holiday Egg Nog

Taste: 7
Not the best, not the worst – just nothing makes it stand out. Unless you live in the San Francisco Bay area, you probably can’t get this anyway.

Consistency: 8
Good, thick enough, with just enough weight.

With Booze: 7
Hmm… I am starting to think that all dairy products don’t really mix with booze. This one gets watery, but the nog taste stays. Just better with booze.

Calories consumed: 1600