3D is the next video

I can now use my iPad to capture a fully textured, accurate 3D model of my office, friends, food, anything at all. It takes me seconds to capture, a few minutes to process in the cloud, then I had a fully useable 3ds file that I can edit in blender or my graphics program of choice.

Trip at work Hot Sauce

View the 3d file: http://www.123dapp.com/obj-Catch/Hot-Sauce/707293

How much does this cost me?


Nothing. Eventually this will be the new way to view photos. I can pan, tilt, zoom, look under, spin around and investigate a full scene unlike any photo representation I have ever seen before.

If I choose, I can tweak it a bit, then print it out on a MakerBot as a plastic model.


Imagine when this process utilizes a video feed to make the 3D capture? Live pawnable 3D video? Amazing.