Australia – Day 01

First night in the camper in Australia!

Left Sydney around noon/1:00 and drove a few hours north, taking the scenic “tourist routes” and just enjoying the first time being alone in almost a week. I stopped and did some food shopping and got gas before leaving the main roads and heading down a small coastal road to this small national park.

I am on a narrow 200 meter wide strip of land between the ocean and a lake. I can hear the bass notes of the waves off in the distance but haven’t hiked through the woods to get there yet. I will in the morning.

I found this place simply by looking on wikicamp (an excellent wiki camping app here in AU) for camps in interesting geographical areas. I knew nothing about it other than it was probably interesting because of the lake/ocean juxtaposition. So far so good, there are only four of us here and we are pretty spread out.

A lady and her husband are in an old camper, and I said hello. The woman, Joe, came over to invite me to use their fire and as we were talking, a bird blasted across the table and stole cheese from me WHILE I WAS CUTTING IT. Those things are bold. I recorded their sound and will put it online.