It is Official

It is now official. The flight has been booked, leaving October 16th to Houston, then from Houston to Seoul, Korea for two weeks before the final hop to Bangkok. I thought I might mess around there for a while before really beginning my trip. The extended layover didn’t cost anymore, so really, why not? Maybe I can get a jump on teaching English there for a while if I get tired of traveling (or more likely, go broke).

I went ahead and booked a return flight six months out which I can cancel or move at anytime for $50.

More later.

First Post of the New Blog

Just revamped the blog, getting it ready for when I travel.

I have set it up so i can blog from my phone, or by email, and the geo mashup page will track my location via Google, so you can see where I am at any given time. Check it out.
I also put a Flickr feed in that will update to my most recent pictures once i am on the road.

If something seems to go wrong, please let me know by leaving a comment.
Hopefully this will allow people to stay up to date with my progress.