Post Delay, a common affliction of the non traveling blogger

I had previously considered my blog a travel blog. It held the thoughts that came to mind after every unique experience I had while traveling in Asia.I had to quickly write them down or I would forget them when the next amazing thing smashed into my brain. Now that I am actually working in Alaska, living in a small town that is totally devoid of creative inspiration, I find blogging about my daily life to be monotonous. My weekend excursions are fun, but they are just that – excursions. The life of daily adventure is no longer mine. I leave here in 12 days to drive down to San Francisco, and from there to Burning Man once again. I am looking forward to this change because I feel that SF will be a much better place to once again start writing. (SCUBA Diving the California coast anyone?)

Lets see, weekend before last I jumped onboard a small plane and flew around Mount McKinley in Denali National Park, landed on a glacier and had a shirtless snowball fight. This was followed by a reindeer burger  (I ate Rudolph) and beers before a sunset over the river. I slept on the floor of a cabin with six other people in a camp with 35 sled dogs that run the Iditarod Trail every winter.

This past weekend I helped throw a party that turned into a sunset to sunrise event which led directly into whitewater rafting three canyons of class four and five rapids.


That’s the short and sweet of it. Fun weekends, adrenaline rushes, working weeks, looking forward to a big city again.

Can't imagine a better group of people for this

(Front: Seb, Back: Cam, Me, Rachel, Jeff, Susy, Casey, Lara, Cyril, Carlos)


The ice water was so blue


Goodbye planet Earth…