Seoul Backpackers Hostel

Coolest place yet. I got here last night, and found it to be a well run, cozy place with plenty (like 15) other travelers who are all up for a good time. Last night I was invited to go to a trance/house techno party but declined as it was $50 and I was already tired from the night before. Today I am going with two of the guys I met here to the war memorial museum, and wandering through Insadong, a street I saw briefly before, but will actually explore this time.

So we went to the war memorial, but got distracted on the the way by a street festival. drum dancer By the time we got to the actual memorial, it was overcast. We spend an hour looking at all fo the vehicals outside before paying w3000 to go in. We were treated to an incredible chronicling of the history of Korea, and the events leading up to, and after the Korean war. Through, diorama, film, animatronics and the like, they did a great job and everything was presented in Korean, Chinese, English and Japanese. We spent several hours exploring all three levels of the exhibit before making our way back outside to get dinner. Little did we know it had started raining, and we didn’t have rain gear. We ran to the subway station, then from our stop we walked in the rain till we found a little place that looked good, and we stopped for dinner. We had what can only be described as a fried egg omelet with seafood and vegetables that you dip in soy sauce. It was good, but not so filling. As we left, we sprinted the rest of the way back to the hostel and showed up dripping wet. They tossed us a towel before we came in. I had done laundry today, and it had gotten wet because i had hung it outside to dry, but they had moved it in for me before it got soaked. Not sure what the night holds in store, but if it keeps raining, we may just get some drinks here and hang out at the hostel.

Andre and the canadian
Johnathan and Andras in a chopper at the War memorial

face fountain

Fountain at the war memorial

kids on jet
Kids on a fighter jet
Festival animal
Street Festival performance