Share with your tribe

Long ago it was prudent to share where good food, dangerous animals, and adequate shelter could be found with other members of your tribe. The more your tribe shared, the faster it learned.

Tribe: a distinctive close-knit group

How much of the digital content you consume comes to you by way of social media? Facebook, Twitter, the blogs you choose to read? How often do you re-share this information?

Instagram has a certain feel. People saw what others were doing with the filters, and started copying them. Then they started improvising and creating new content. This is happening with Vine now too. More people are becoming entrepreneurs because they see others doing it. We are a sharing and learning species.

I want a way for my tribe to give me daily, weekly, monthly updates on what they are learning. Where they failed, where they succeeded. The signal to noise ratio of Facebook makes it an imperfect platform for this. The time it takes to write an article and post it to a blog is a technological and mental hurdle for many people.

I want to learn from my tribe.

A few questions – and I really want answers:

  1. How big is your tribe?
  2. How do you share knowledge?
  3. What is the nature of the knowledge you share?
    • eg. Do you share instruction on how to build something, job openings, videos, photos, social knowledge (gossip!) etc…