The actual planning has begun.

Nathan and RachelI have started to figure out a little bit of my trip. The first two nights I am in Seoul I will be staying with a couple, Nathan and Rachel, who I met over They seem like they are kind, intelligent and interesting. since this is my first surfing experience, I was a little apprehensive, but they have sent me maps, directions, and a plethora of information that has been amazing. I get into Seoul at 3:20 p.m. local Korean time, and will probably spend some time exploring the city before I go to meet up with them.

I have also started to get my pack ready, and my current list of items is growing. It is important for me to keep it small, since I have to be able to carry with me at all times. I do not want to have to ever check my bag.
Current Pack List

  • Camera (dSLR, so it is bigger than it probably should be)
  • Laptop (Small, under 5 lbs, and able to run Adobe CS3)
  • 3 shirts (Two long sleeve that I can roll up, one short, all quick dry)
  • 2 pairs of pants (Zip off legs so they can be shorts, quick dry)
  • 3 pairs of quick dry hiking socks
  • Head Bandana
  • 3 pairs of boxers (Quick dry Capiline)
  • Small med kit
  • Small wash kit (soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, quick dry towel)
  • Travel Sheets
  • MAYBE- a small travel pillow…
  • There will be some books, and probably an Ipod… but not sure yet about how much space and weight I will have left. I also don’t want to look like a walking ATM target, so my pack is dirty and will stay that way. I don’t plan on taking my laptop out in public at all, and only using my phone when I absolutely have to. I would rather be out of touch and on my terms, which means that the phone will be off almost all the time.
    More later,