Travel Challenge: Keep track of people you know

I have a challenge for you. I have been thinking about what it is about travel that draws me to it so much, and I have realized that it is the sheer amount of people I get to meet. I am constantly surrounded by new people who challenge my beliefs, values, thoughts, and perceptions in the most amazing of ways.

Here is my challenge to you: For the next few days, keep a tally of every NEW person you share a moment with – be it a meal, a conversation in line, a ride, a room, a bed, whatever. Just the people you actually get to know a little bit about. Not the person who stares at their shoes in the elevator while you both stick iPods in your ears and pretend you are actually alone inside of a mirrored moving cube. Keep track of every new person you would now consider to be an acquaintance.

Post your findings here after a day or so, and I will do the same. I think it will be interesting to see how location, job and habits contribute to a person’s sphere of influence.