Traveling group

It turns out that Dustin, Thad and Jarred are all heading the same way I am, and I am going to join them for a trip up the west coast of Thailand, and into Laos. We are going to keep our climbing gear and climb again in Laos. It will be good to have travel partners who have already been through the area.

On another note, it has now been 15 days since I had a toilet that flushed itself (I have to pour a bucket of water down it), or a hot shower. Today I found a big scorpion on the floor of my bathroom. I hate those things. It will be good to get to Bangkok for one night to get the amenities of a big city.

Small update today, sorry, we just climbed the whole time. I did pick up a copy of “Alice in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking Glass” today in return for my “The Beach”